Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Victoria's Secret pay to have you walk all over them!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I like to write a whole bunch about adding experience and personalities to marketing campaigns. I crank out ideas and well some are absolute gold.....and well some (like my last post) are not.

This idea is neither because I didn't come up with it....and while I think it is silly I also think it is genuis because of the permanency of this form of advertising.

The Superficial is reporting that The Victoria's Secret "Angels" received their very own "Star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes a revolving cast of models used in a catalog and TV commercials have met the very stringent criteria of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Now here is where I could take this post in a few different directions.

Sure I could comment on how the mystique of a "Star" has vanished.

Or I could comment on how the main function of the Walk of Fame has become just another photo opportunity to accompany a film premiere and the $25000 fee for a star is just a promotional expense....yes people "buy" stars......I am looking at you John Tesh!

But instead I think I am just going to tip my hat to the marketing department of Victoria's Secret because they figured out a way to buy a permanent billboard for a consumer product on one of the most visited tourist streets in Los Angeles........and they somehow convinced Johnny Grant that the "angels" were cultural figures.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

More later


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