Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reminder: Come see me talk tomorrow or I will cry!

Yes you read that correctly.

I am speaking tomorow night at the Indoor Playground and am pretty excited about it since I have put together a pretty interesting presentation on building an online/offline community but since I am all about honesty on the here blog I have to admit that the advanced attendance numbers are pretty small.

So to make things more interesting I am making this promise........If you come to see my little chat tomorrow night I can promise you a few things.

-You will learn something
-You may see nudity
-I may Cry more then once
-Someone may leave pregnant

So if you happen to be in the Toronto area tomorrow night (Thursday the 29th) why not swing by the Indoor Playground (364 Richmond Street West, Suite 503) and listen to me go on and on about stuff!

Here is where you can get all the info! Or you can just show up!



Hjörtur said...

Hi Saul

I'm sorry I can't make it tomorrow. I will be somewhere over the Atlantic - going the other direction.

Any chance to see you online afterwards? Let me know.


saulcolt said...

I think it may be recorded but I am not sure. I assume if I do half of the things I have promised it may be available as a pay per view somewhere!

I will let you know



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