Friday, November 23, 2007

Is there still room for ethics in business?

I have been thinking a lot about business ethics lately.

Why you ask? (Thanks for asking)

Well I mentioned a few days ago that I am now working as a freelance marketing consultant. I am pretty fortunate since I have some good projects to keep me busy and at the same time I have had some interest in bringing me on board on a full time basis from a couple people so things are good but (and there is always a but) I did something this week that I didn't expect to ever do.

I actually turned away a decent amount of money because the project offered to me was something I really didn't believe in or could get behind.

Without getting into details (because that ain't cool) I was offered to develop a brand for an item that is a clear knock off of an established brand and not a very good knock off at that. I worked on a strategy for a day or so and came up with something pretty cool but the more I thought about it I realized that I just didn't want to attach my name to this product.

....and just so we are clear.....I could've made this a household name, cause I am that smart and handsome (did I type that out loud?) and as someone who is a hired gun I sure could use the money and admit that my decision surprised me a whole lot but I guess some things are more important.

So without getting all Carrie Bradshaw on you I am going to ask this there still room for ethics in business?

Just wondering what you think.


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