Sunday, September 16, 2007

[still blogging form an iPhone] Things I learned from Magazines this month

Real quick since I am going to have to give this iPhone back soon but here is stuff I learned from Magazines this month.
From DETAILS Magazine

  • 12 people have been killed in the USA by Sharks since 1990
  • A study found that people would ask for $1000000 to give up TV for ever and $10000 to live the rest of their life as a black person
  • Frank Black (as Black Francis) and the Foo Fighters have new cd's out soon
  • Celebrity couples dress alike.
  • There are gay people in the military
  • Networking gets you promoted
  • Brad Pitt is handsome
  • Rockport Shoes are now powered by Adidas
  • Mahalo looks super cool
  • Fast Food Medicine is here to stay
  • Amp'd Mobile could've been a contender
  • $300 socks are pretty
I also have GQ and Esquire but haven't read them yet.

Oh and BTW am I the only one who made a few long distance phone calls from an iPhone in an Apple Store?

type at you all soon


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