Monday, September 24, 2007

OJ Simpson and I have something in common....people are selling my stuff!

I came across an EBAY auction the other day where someone was selling the one piece of "Saul" memorabilia from my days publishing comics that I don't own. I was going to write about this last week but I didn't want to drive up the bidding.

The item in the auction is the original cover art for Eclipse and Vega : Super Sized Special drawn by Bill Morrison. Bill is the top dog at Bongo Comics (Owned by Matt Groening and publishers of all the Simpsons Comics). I love this cover and so did Bill since he wouldn't sell it to me when he was done. I had heard he had donated it to a charity auction a few years back (because he is a good guy!) and that it got some good money for the cause.

I was all giddy when it popped up on eBay and I got into the bidding action right away...but instead of putting the full amount of what i would have paid I kept raising my bid in increments.

Long story short (it is probably too late for that but....) I fell a sleep before this closed and never saw that I was outbid.

Oh well.....I hope it is in a good home!


p.s. Wanna read the book? Click here and enjoy!

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