Monday, September 10, 2007

Fallingwater..... from the ground up!

I read a lot and have a lot of varied interests. This usually surprises folks when I am let loose in a social setting and can pretty much chat on a bunch of topics (when I am feeling social that is).

One of my guilty pleasure passions (besides movies and books and shoes and TV etc etc) is architecture. I love buildings (large and small) and one of the buildings I fell in love with as a kid was the Frank Lloyd Wright designed "Fallingwater" estate.

If you are familiar with this building you have to check out this computer generated video of the building of it.......and if you are not familiar with this home you need to stop reading this blog and click on the link to check out this video (but if you remember to I suggest you open the link in a new window so you remember to come back and read the rest of this site!)

Big thanks to the folks over at BAD BANANA BLOG for bringing this to my attention!


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