Thursday, August 09, 2007

Superhero Pornography

There are a bunch of picts floating around the interweb today of a dudes dressed as Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Robin, and a few others all engaging in sexual acts for the purpose of making a gay porn video.

I considered posting them here but I don't want to lose my PG-13 rating :)

Anyway it got me thinking about an article I read in DETAILS magazine a few years back about a guy who has made a living making superhero inspired bondage films. The thing is that the charm of his videos were that they were SUPER low budget and that there was no nudity.......just a lot of spandex wearing girls getting tied up and struggling etc.

After a little Internet sleuthing I was able to find a video on Youtube that I will now present to you............for no reason what so ever!

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