Saturday, July 28, 2007

What do the Simpsons Movie and the City of San Diego have in common?


Ok I will tell you.. Not only is this weekend the opening weekend of the Simpsons Movie but this is also the weekend of the World's Largest Pop Culture show. Some people call it COMIC CON, the actual name is Comic Con International but anyone in the comic book industry just calls it "San Diego".

Now all this is wonderful but I still haven't told you what they have in common....well for only the second time in seven years I am not in San Diego for "San Diego" and I haven't had a chance to see the Simpsons the connection is that I am missing both and wishing I wasn't.

So many amazing opportunities as well as friendships were made in San Diego so I since I am not there I am pretty much living vicariously through my friends calls and various blog reports.

Oh well ....nuff feeling sorry for myself :) and enjoy a few of my favorite picts from my days in SD

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