Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Donald Trump knows a little something about sitting around

I sometimes think I should re-brand this blog as a "What's Donald Trump Doing Now" site because I talk about him a lot. Sure I mention every time that i used to admire him and yes I say I am sad at how he is nothing more then a caricature of himself now and yes I made fun of him selling meat but I can't find a single thing to say about his latest venture.

Trump Office (from Staples) is the luxury office chair line at an affordable price. I think a lot about personal brands and from where I am sitting (in a chair from IKEA) the TRUMP brand should never be about "an affordable price". I know Trump is a smart guy and I never question his intellect but I really wonder why he is so eager to attach his name to anything....he can't need the money but there has to be a good reason he is willing to dilute his name and personal brand to the point he has.

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