Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buncha links and unrelated stuff.....

Hi Everyone,

I had a long post about the possible conspiracy of Barry Bonds getting voted to the starting lineup of last night's All Star Game (he received over a million votes in less then a week) but since I try to keep this here blog topical and because I fell a sleep early last night I am going to pass on the post.

But that isn't going to stop me from blogging about a bunch other stuff I am interested

The Foo Fighters (one of my favs) are working on a new CD and it should be out in September

The television show 24 may be delayed this coming season because they have scrapped this seasons story idea and are back to the drawing board

Speaking of TV shows....This has been a horrible year for shows I really dig. I just read that the show Traveller has been cancelled. This brings the total of "my shows" that have been cancelled or ended to 6. I know people who don't regularly watch 6 shows in total so this is a huge number for one person (at least I think so).

The list is as follows:

Veronica Mars
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Raines (not sure if this was actually cancelled)

I have added a few more podcasts to my ever growing list of "commuter music". I have added the Elvis Costello First Ten Years podcast and give it my highest recommendation. Elvis is the king of cool and it is awesome to listen to stories right from the man himself.

A couple other 'casts I really dug this past week were:

Listening to Marissa Mayer (from Google) talk about innovation was incredible over at the Stanford University Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast

Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation is always fascinating but Episode #59 has a big comic book component so I dug it a bit more then usual

Jesse Thorn of the Sound of Young America has an incredible interview of the great Elmore Leonard

and finally Smodcast (ep # 17) from Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier discussing poop had me laughing so hard that I think I made people on my subway car nervous

Hope everyone is well and I will type at you again real soon


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