Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick stories from my adoption adventure so far.....

Hi Y'All,

Things are going well with my adoption adventure. Two quick stories to fill you in on are the fact that I have been really sick so far. I probably have bronchitis or mayby even pneumonia and haven't had a chance to go see the doctor about this. This has proved to be interesting especially on the flight out west...ya see I have been coughing so violently that I have been pretty close to fainting and have been running a fever and sweating like crazy.

This has been concerning to many people but the people most troubled by this were the people on my flight. I am pretty sure they thought I was the TB Guy who flew all over the world a few weeks ago because more then a few people were giving me the death stare.

Quick story #2

Once we were off the plane and on our way to the hotel my wife asked if I had picked my days outfit on purpose...I said no and that I just grabbed the closest most comfortable outfit I could find...then my wife reminded me that I wore the exact same pants and shirt two years earlier when we first adopted our first child.

Weird Huh? OK maybe that was a lame story but the TB Guy reference is cleaver

More later


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