Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I have a solution to this whole Barry Bonds dilema

You may have already heard this but Barry Bonds is 9 home runs away from being the All Time home run leader ahead of both Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. Many folks are working themselves up in a tizzie over this since Barry is supposed to be a not nice guy and Hank Aaron is a class act.......oh and there is the whole issue of "did he or didn't Barry Bonds use steroids".

Personally, I have always liked Barry Bonds as a player and while I don't know him as a person I understand that the world is full of jerks and not everyone can be as nice as me!

Taking all this into consideration I have come up with a solution that should make everyone happy.

In a couple of weeks when Barry Bonds is one "big fly" away from tying the record the pitcher should concentrate as hard as he can and lob a perfect underhand "softball" style pitch for him to hit out of the park.

Because the situation will be on a ridiculous nature the record will be talked about forever as a sham and may even taint the record with some humor and absurdity.

Barry looks silly.......The pitcher will not be thought of as the guy who got "Beat" to tie or break the record.....and Bud Selig can award a plaque or something to Barry knowing that this was not the world shaking event everyone is expecting.

Problem Solved!



Scott from Oregon said...


I'm A Bay Area baseball native, and the whole "Barry is a jerk" phenom comes from sports writers who don't like to get miffed.

Barry hates sports writers who write anything except about baseball, so when they push his kid into the shower to ask a question about his divorce, for example, he is a jerk to them and the writer can now write a piece about how Barry was mean to them...

You should ask Hank Aaron about the drugs he took in his later playing years, and then ask him what HE thinks of Barry's accomplishment.

Sports writers matter little in the world and they hate that.

saulcolt said...

I approved the publishing of this comment since I feel everyone should get their say but I do have to comment on the fact that I find it hard to beleive that a sportswriter would physically push Barry Bond's son anywhere and get away with it. If Barry didn't want to press charges then at least the team would step in and bann that writer from the clubhouse etc.

just my .02



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