Monday, June 18, 2007

Do you have a Facebook philosophy?

I have been chatting a bunch about Facebook with friends and other folks about if they have a "Facebook Friend Philosophy".

Basically I am wondering if people think it is betting to have hundreds of friends and include a bunch of folks that they either haven't spoken to in years (and have no real interest in reconnecting with) or do you keep it small and only include people you have some sort of recent relationship with.

I started thinking about this after a close friend told me to check his friends list (that boasts 500+ friends) and add anyone I wanted to claim as my own.

Looking through his list I saw ex-girlfriends (of his) that he hasn't spoken to in years and would probably avoid in public if he saw them and I though this was strange. Sure I have a few people on my facebook list that I don't speak to on a regular basis and even a few I have never met in person but have a mutual interest or two but........................

Has the your number of friends on Facebook become a status of some kind? (this is my sex in the city homage...anyone catch it?)

I think it is odd to fill your friends list up with people you couldn't care about. I try to read all my friends updates and think Facebook is a great way to stay connected but if I am filtering out all the people I don't want to know about then I will probably miss something cool about the people I do care about.

Just my thoughts

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