Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yes......this is what my blog has become

I got a frantic phone call from my parents last night explaining that my Mom lost ring over the weekend as they were driving through Cortland, NY. The ring is not a fancy expensive ring but rather one of great sentimental value.

My Mom doesn't understand the iner workings of the internet but thinks if I post it here she someone will come forward and say they found it...........So if you happen to find a womans gold ring with three small stones on the top (Diamond in the middle and I am not sure what the other stones are since my Mom is pretty upset about this) that might have been lost in an Arbys Restaurant this past Saturday in Courtland New York please drop me a line.

This is sorta a big deal so I am fronting a $200 reward if anyone has it.

Thanks all.


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