Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A solution to the Raptors marketing snafu..........

So at Game one of the Raptors playoffs against the Nets each person in the arena got a free t-shirt to show their support of the Raps. It was a bright red shirt so there would be a "sea of red" etc.........only thing was that the Raptors were wearing their white jerseys and the Nets were decked out in their red uniforms (the Nets have at least 5 or 6 different versions of their uniforms) and many people commented in print and on sports radio that this was embarrassing.

I kinda agree because it is obvious to me that the Nets are wearing the red jerseys for a reason so I suggest the Raptors take that little mind game away from them.

My solution is (and this is brilliant on many levels) that the Raps rock the Purple Dinosaur again least for the playoffs. This way no one will have the same colors as them (in the east at least) and the nostalgia of the whole thing may move a bunch of folks to run out and buy a bunch of these jerseys!

Just a thought


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