Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Selling Out" isn't as cool as you would think.....

I have mentioned a bunch of times on this blog that I am interested in selling out and trading space on my blog in exchange for a little cash or just do a barter deal and have advertisers send me stuff I like and I will talk about your products every single day and not rest till every man, woman and child are familiar with the advertisers product/place or thing.

Well I got my first offer and even though the money was pretty good (I could've easily bought a pair of custom Nikes out of this deal) but after really thinking about it I decided to turn down the opportunity. I am not going to say who the advertiser was but it was the equivalent to an item you would regularly get spammed about and they wanted me to make a conversational testimonial about how much I loved using the product (it wasn't anything penis related.....but if you are a penis related advertiser I would be happy to endorse your stuff!) and even after writing the post (and yes it was compelling and you would've all purchased this without hesitation) I just decided that I value my readership too much to push spam and/or undesirable products.

I still want to carry advertising but since I have a new outlook on it at least you can all rest assured that if I do try to sell you anything it will at least be something I dig.

Hope you are all well


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