Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More personal stories coming soon......

I got an email asking that I post a few more personal stories since these seem to hit well with people. I know that I have been a little video heavy lately because I have been crazy busy with stuff and would rather post something cool or different for you guys then just ignore you and not post anything.

So on that note I will give you a small story about me......it doesn't have any sexy talk in it but it is true and you may find it interesting!


This is true!

I have blind loyalty to certain brands and even though I see competitors to my brands offering some very cool stuff I still will not cross that line and purchase something. Being a marketing genius (it says so on the title of this blog) I spend a lot of time dissecting the hypnotic pull I seem to have to these brands (as I wish to duplicate it in my new business venture) but can’t seem to quite put my finger on it. I think I may be a throw back to another time in this one respect as the more and more I speak to people about my brand obsessions I find that very few people share the same passion as I do about this. Recently a friend of mine was shocked to learn that I would rather go without something then wear/use a product out of my self proclaimed “Family of Companies”.

It is a good thing this doesn’t cross over to food!

More stories soon...I promise


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