Thursday, May 10, 2007

IKEA says "Come park your hybrid here"

In today's Globe and Mail there is a story of how IKEA will designate two "premiere" parking spots in each of their 11 superstore parking lots reserved exclusively for Hybrid cars. There are many ways I could be cynical about this news like "WOW...Two whole Spots" or "Is this even news?" but instead I will just say that I think this is a cleaver way to further reinforce your brand as being environmentally aware without doing anything that is a major shift in your everyday operating routines.

This isn't supposed to me a shot at IKEA because I am really just making an observation and I am sure they do great things for the environment I am just saying that this is really not such a big deal since in most IKEA parking lots there are at least 15 "New and expectant mother" spots but I guess babies aren't as newsworthy.

*I think I am feeling snarky today

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