Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I couldn't do it!

I got a funny email from a friend alerting me to a blog posting about a company I used to work for getting raked over the coals for planting "fake" comments in blogs saying their product and or service is the greatest thing etc (he checked the ip address and as they say in horror movies "It was coming from inside the house" or in this case inside the office from the company domain network). The comments were in response to the blogger bringing to light a possible drawback to their product/service and instead of the company doing anything to correct this they just placed pro company comments to get people to forget the original post.

I was going to post the address and hold this up as an example of why you shouldn't mess with bloggers and how this is a lesson every company needs to learn but since I did work for the company I chickened out and am keeping it to myself.


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