Friday, May 04, 2007

Forget Spider-Man this weekend....I am going to see Inland Empire

I am a big David Lynch fan (so much so that I used a picture of him in an online dating profile with mixed results), I have seen all of his movies, several times each and am not afraid to admit that there are a few I still don't understand!

I noticed in the paper that his new film Inland Empire is rolling trough my fair city this week and I am clearing my calendar to see this. In honour of this I have attached my favorite (recent) David Lynch interview where he speaks to the issue of product placement in films (something I really don't mind but this is funny)

Oh and I will probably see Spider-man 3 next week even though two friends have told me it is not so good.

Have a good weekend everyone and I will type at you on Monday....or before if the mood strikes me


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