Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A whole slew of videos of stuff I like.........

Today is going to be a busy day so instead of me writing about all the goodies I had planned I am going to post a couple of videos for you to enjoy and I will save my long wordy posts for tomorrow.

The couple videos I am posting definitely fall under the category of Stuff I Like!

As you may have figured out from a couple of my posts....I am a "in the closet" sneakerhead. I love sneaks and am proud to say I am a die hard Nike Guy (I keep mentioning that so maybe just maybe they will send me something!) so when I heard of a documentary called JUST FOR KICKS, I was pretty jazzed. I am not an over the top shoe collector but I usually have two or three pair in rotation at a time and like the guy in the clip, I have bought my son a series of different Nikes to wear....I think he is on his 5th pair so he may actually be more of a sneakerhead then me. I am however really fascinated by the culture of shoe collecting and that is why this doc is right up my alley.

Take a look at this clip and if you are any way interested in this you should really seek out this film. It is amazing!

The other video is from the new "Television" edition of the This American Life Radio Show.

This American Life is the reason I bought an IPOD. I love this show and was kinda curious how it would translate to TV. Well I caught my first episode last night and I can say without reservation that it works. All the charm and quirkiness of the radio show has been preserved and it is an interesting watch and listen!

Here is a clip for you to check out

Hope everyone has a great I have to get back to work!


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