Monday, April 30, 2007

The Salvation Army has wacky marketing.

I have found this odd for a while but just got around to posting about it. I realize this is a very "ADRANTS" kinda post but I find it odd that the two spokespeople for the Salvation Army in Toronto are Paul Godfrey (CEO of the Bluejays and a I assume a millionaire many times over) and Ben Mulroney (TV Host, Son of a former Prime Minister of Canada and I assume a millionaire many times over).

I could be way of the mark here but shouldn't the spokesperson of the Salvation Army be kind of your typical "everyman or everywoman" and not people of privilege? Sure an argument could be made that these type of people will bring in donations from their fancy friends etc, but to use them on billboards, and radio ads means they are not speaking to their pals but rather to the regular folks who use and rely on the Salvation Army for daily requirements

I am not sure why this bothers me but I think the salvation Army should let me design a campaign for them that would be more in touch with their target market.


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