Monday, April 23, 2007

The Apprentice is over.....

So last night was the finale of The Apprentice. I have written about this before and have mentioned that is used to be one of my favorite shows etc etc. Well last nights finale was such an anti climactic letdown that I actually hope there isn't another season.

Sure it was the first year that the finale was not a two hour extravaganza but seriously, where was the drama? Where was the stunning conclusion?

This show would've played better on the radio since there was nothing visual to look at. I was surprised that in this season they focused so much (about 30 mins each episode) on the board room fighting and yet in the finale where these people are fighting for a very lucrative job making personal appearances and writing books and there was no fighting or even dirty looks.

This finale made me miss the days when the finale was a variety show and had the O'Jays singing the theme show while Regis Philbin co-hosts.


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