Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am so glad I found these pictures!

I have told this story hundreds of times to people and I truly think nobody believes me. I knew I had pictures somewhere so I am jazzed that I found them.

A couple of years ago my buddy Howard Stern (names have been changed to protect friends and I am using names of celebrities to boost my google rank!) and I jumped in the car to drive from Toronto to Chicago. I had a personal appearance to go to and Howard wanted to go to Trader Joe' I got a driving companion and he got a bag full of fancy appetizers.

One our way we stopped in Kalamazoo Michigan to grab some lunch and dined in style at Hooters. It was about 3pm and the place was quiet. When our wings arrived I witnessed something that I still can't believe.......and neither does anyone I tell the story to.

When our server brought our wings to the table she had surgical gloves with her. She sat with us and asked if we wanted her to "de-bone" our wings. I was curious so I said "yep" so she began to work these wings like nobodies business and removed all the meat from the bones with the precision of a surgeon and I was able to eat my wings like they were nuggets.

Our server swears this is SOP when the restaurant isn't busy but I still have not found any other person who has had this happen to them......Check out these picts!

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