Sunday, March 11, 2007

First work project.......

From time to time you will get to read about projects I am working on at The Toy Agency. I can't fill you in on what is in the works (cause that stuff is TOP SECRET) but you certainly will here me talking up stuff we have finished.

If you read my twitter boxie thingie on last Friday you would have read that I told all my Toronto readers to watch Breakfast Television that morning. The reason I wanted everyone to watch was so you could see the first project to come out of Happy Worker/The Toy Agency since I have been hired....and just so we are clear there has been a bunch of great stuff done before I came along! The project was custom action figures based on Toronto's #1 Televised morning show. This was an unsolicited project and the idea came from the hosts mentioning in passing that they would love toys based on them. Armed with only the notion that we could probably pull this off we worked like crazy (took two full days with out any cookie breaks) and finally dropped off the toys at 6am on Friday morning. The hosts gave us a HUGE shout out on the show and as a result of the mention, our office phones were ringing off the hook for the rest of the day!
Here are what the toys looked like!

I am going to try to post up the actual footage from the show if I can figure out how to get it off my recorder thingie

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