Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do you watch Bad TV?

I do....and it bothers me.

I know these shows are bad and yet I still watch.

Sadly my list is long but my most recent example of this is the Rob Corddry show "The Winner". Thinking about the death of Larry Bud Melman made me realize that this show is pretty much an re-make of Chris Elliot's (another Letterman staple) "Get a Life". Only thing is this re-make is not as good as the original..........and yet I still watch.

Another show I used to think was great and now just watch out of habit is The Apprentice. Honestly I used to think this was so original and a great bit of reality TV. I used to like the tasks and rewards etc but in the last few seasons the show has morphed into a 44 minute commercial for whatever product and surprisingly enough I can handle that. This one thing that drives me the most crazy is that (this season at least) the new formula for the show is as follows:

10 minute recap of last episode
10 minutes of the task (and this gets shorter every week)
4 minutes of reward
20 minutes of boardroom and assorted drama

For me the draw to the show was the strategy and watching the business of the tasks. This component of the show seems to me to have become a subplot behind "who hates who"......and don't even get me started on the finales of each season. If Trump is such a whiz then why does he base his hiring decision on crowd applause?

I actually sent a letter to Trump after the finale where he had the OJ's (I think it was them) preform the theme of the show live. In my letter I explained that the charm of the show was the business and I was insulted that they turned my favorite shows finale into a bad variety show. My letter was not ignored......a few months later I received a form letter and an autographed picture of the Donald................and yet I still watch.


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